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Scratch - 3 In 1 Fishing Game



Dive into Scratch’s lovely underwater world and discover three educational maritime games!

  1. Fishing game: Cast your fishing line to catch the loveliest wooden fish in the sea with your magnetic float. Count up the collected fish or the points on the back of the fish to figure out who’s won!
  2. Dominoes: Put on your swimming goggles and explore the underwater world as you look for twin fish and make a long ribbon of all the cards. Or flip all the cards over and place the ones with matching numbers of fish together.
  3. Pairs: Take turns flipping over two cards each and be the first to collect all the matching sea creatures.

Play these three challenging games by yourself or as a group and train your short-term memory.

For everyone aged 18 months and up.


12 fishes with points 6x4x0.5cm (magnetic, in wood) and 2 fishing rods (magnetic, in wood), domino game 9.5x5cm (28pcs, in cardboard) and memo game (32pcs, in cardboard), in fish box

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