Magical Sleeveless Tutu Dress - Pink

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The inspiration and motto for Sweet Wink's dress collection is "imagine. dream. believe." We believe that little girls can turn make believe into their reality and there is nothing better than imaging the possibilities, believing in your dreams, and making every day magical. Each dress is named after our motto and the inside label is stamped with the signature phrase to serve as a reminder that anything is possible. Customers love Sweet Wink dresses because the tulle is super soft and doesn't scratch or itch little ones. Every dress is lined all the way to the bottom with a soft cotton. The empire waist is sewn with stretchy thread so it is comfortable on little ones. The beautiful tulle overlay is perfect for twirling! Item Description: -95% cotton, 5% spandex -Bubblegum pink dress and lining -Pink, yellow, and blue ombre tulle overlay accented with rainbow stars and moons -Machine wash cold with like colors

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