FabFuzz Ferrara Fox – 13″

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The Francesca line is inspired by the fashion runways of Europe. Unabashedly and gloriously girly with pink and fluff, these are the perfect accessory for any aspiring fashionista.

Ferrara’s high-pile body, pink tutu, and metallic gold accents, make her the ultimate ballerina of the woods.

  • 13″ tall
  • Feminine details galore– bling bow, eyelashes, and tutu
  • Blush tones abound– soft netting tutu, long pile top
  • Gold metallic bow and neck choker
  • Embroidered sleepy eyes and face details, and fabric nose
  • Coordinates with the rest of the Francesca’s Fashion Friends collection
  • Beans in body for weight and floppiness
  • Machine wash, air dry
  • Soft, furry, fashionable and fantastically girly!
  • When the real world gets to be too much, try a little fantasy!
  • With Italian names and unmistakably high fashion, it’s almost like taking a trip

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