Blueberry Sloth Snuggler & Interactive Hardcover Book

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This spring, Sloth can’t wait to go to Yak’s Garden Party! Our Blueberry Sloth Snuggler is the perfect companion for younger children and pre-readers who are diving into the immersive and imaginative story “Let’s Go! With Sloth.”

About the Book:
“Let’s Go! With Sloth” is Slumberkins first interactive book! Knowing children learn and focus better with interactive participation, our therapists and educators wrote this story to inspire families to read with more playfulness, connection, and imagination.

  • Blueberry Sloth Snuggler
  • Interactive "Let's Go! With Sloth" Hardcover Book
  • Let's Go! With Sloth Affirmation Card
  • Perfect for-
  • Spring Gifts
  • Easter Baskets

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