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They grow up so quickly! Keep a journal of the first twelve months for you to look back on and to show your little one when they’re older.

This book helps you to record and store all those special memories of your baby’s first precious year, with ideas and spaces for things like milestones and what the world was like during the beginning of their life.

The front title section can be pulled off to turn it into a lovely journal-type book with adorable elephants on the cover. Inside you can jot down different baby names – it’s always fun to know if you might have been called something else! You can fill in your family tree and tell your baby how you felt when they arrived.

When they’re older, your child can learn what the world was during their first year. Don’t forget to write down who is currently the president, your favorite contemporary music artist, and the prices of stamps and milk.

There’s plenty of space to let them know all the details of their first year that were special and memorable. You can include what your baby learns, their new experiences and favorite toy! There will be lots of firsts for your baby, and you will want to recall them all, like the first time they smiled, learned to kiss or call you mama or dada. There are pockets for photos, so you can capture their first steps and remember them forever.

  • 64 Pages | 7-11/16 x 9-3/16

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