An Heir is Born Modal Magnetic Gown & Hat Set Limited Edition

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Celebrate your little heir along with Britain's newest royal baby with our Limited Edition Modal Gown and Hat Set. This print honors Little Baby Sussex's American and British heritage. Congratulations Duchess Megan & Prince Harry! Our magnetic sack gown, featuring time-saving magnetic fasteners and no over-the-head design, will have newborns dressed in a jiffy while significantly reducing their exposure to the chilly air. Quick diaper access at the bottom of the gown for frequent night changes makes life easier for new moms and dads. Includes matching reversible hat. Pairs perfectly with coordinating blanket and bib to make the ultimate baby gift for parent and baby. Modal is certified as a 100% Bio-based fabric by the US Department of Agriculture, responsibly farmed from Beechnut trees.

  • Absolute easiest way to dress a baby
  • Closed bottom for extra warmth
  • Mitten cuffs to protect newborns from scratching themselves
  • Great for new moms and dads during night changings
  • A baby shower gift your friends will love!
  • Silky soft modal fabric
  • Machine wash
  • Warning - You Must Close Garment Before Washing & Drying

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